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DX10 is a system performance metric. For the DX10 graph, each data point is calculated from all your spots in the previous hour. The best 10 spots (in terms of range) are used to calculate a DX10 mean. The mean is displayed on a graph which is updated every 2 minutes. The DX10 graph gives a good indication of your system performance and band conditions. You can "mouse-over" the graph to see additional data.

In addition to more time-ranges, Premium users can display two DX10 graphs simultaneously to allow system comparisons. This powerful feature, together with the greater selection of time-ranges allows objective antenna testing to be carried out.

Note that values on this graph do not necessarily correspond directly to values in the DX10 table. Each point on this graph is based on your spots in the previous hour, whereas the table is based on the entire selected time period.

The range statistics are calculated from the DX10 values shown on the graph. They are displayed as a percentage of the maximum possible range, which would be to the antipode, so half the Earth's circumference.