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DX10 is a system performance metric. Every 2 minutes we look at all your spots for the selected period. The best 10 (in terms of range) form your DX10 table. The DX10 table gives you a snapshot of your system performance. However it does more as it identifies the time ranges for the spots so that you can identify the best times for DX openings. At the bottom of the table we provide a "DX10 mean" for your 10 spots. If there are less than 10 spots the missing ones are assumed to have a range of 0 km.

The DX10 mean shown at the bottom of the table may differ from the values shown on the DX10 graph, because the value below the table is calculated over the entire selected time period. Data points on the graph are calculated based only on the hour preceding each data point. The graph shows how your system performance changes over time, whereas the figure below the table is an indication of your best system performance over the selected time period.

In addition to more time-ranges, Premium users can display two DX10 tables simultaneously to allow system comparisons. Here the DX10 mean is a useful metric as it is related to your overall system performance.